2014. június 2., hétfő

Don't play the instrument, play the music.

Join the World Music and Improvisation Camp at Balatonfüred! A great fun, a nice and enriching experience, where we can come together to learn, improvise and play music.
The majestic setting mixed with musical immersion, inspiration, encouragement and support set the stage for the World Music and Improvisation Camp. World Music and Improvisation offers:

Instrumental, vocal classes from the complete beginner to the seasoned professional

Musical styles including traditional and contemporary jazz, blues and Hungarian folk music
Instrumental workshops for piano, guitar, bass, hurdy-gurdy, percussions and violin
Theory and ear training
Vocal classes, improvisation, ensemble singing
Exceptional concerts nightly and late night jam sessions

Enhance your musical network and create new inspiring relationships with teachers, colleagues and friends! Enroll today!

Gabor Kery - guitar

Janos Nagy - piano
Vincent Mascart (FR) - saxophone
Bela Szerenyi - hurdy-gurdy
Mokus Edina Szirtes - vocal, violin
Kornel Mogyoro - percussions
György Szappanos - bass guitar
Tamara Mozes - vocal, piano

Special guest:

Istvan Alapi- guitar
Lia Pokorny - Actress
Steve Savanya - composer
Gergely Agocs - folk musician

Price:EUR 180,- (including all courses,workshops,full maintainance,accommodation)